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Exploring Door Overlays

Overlay options for cabinet doors refer to how the door covers or overlays the cabinet frame. Each overlay option provides a distinct look and functionality, allowing homeowners to choose the style that best suits their preferences and the overall design of their space. Candlelight offers seven different types of overlay styles. We can customize any door if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Partial Overlay

1/2” Overlay: A half-inch overlay over the face frame for cabinets typically refers to a partial overlay where the cabinet doors partially cover the cabinet frame, leaving a half-inch reveal (gap) between the doors when closed. This overlay style balances the modern look of full overlay and the traditional appearance of inset overlay cabinets.

3/8” Overlay: This is the same as above but with a 1/4” overlay over the face frame. This overlay style balances full overlay and standard overlay, offering a contemporary look while still allowing some of the cabinet frame to be visible. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a modern aesthetic with a touch of traditional design.

Full Overlay

Full Overlay: The doors completely cover the cabinet frame in full overlay cabinets, providing a seamless, modern look. This style often creates a uniform appearance with minimal visible gaps between adjacent doors.

Euro Full Overlay: Euro full overlay doors are often associated with contemporary or European-style cabinetry designs. They provide a clean, streamlined appearance, with minimal interruption from visible cabinet frames. This style is famous for achieving a sleek and cohesive look in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, Euro full overlay doors can offer more storage space within the cabinet compared to traditional overlay styles, as they maximize the usable area of the cabinet interior.

Contempo Euro Full Overlay: This type of cabinet features sleek, minimalist designs with doors that overlay entirely the cabinet box, offering a seamless and modern look similar to Euro Full Overlay, except the Contempo Euro Full Overlay includes a 7/8” hand pull reveal as standard.


Full Inset: The doors are set into the cabinet frame with inset overlay cabinets, creating a flush surface with the frame when closed. This style offers a clean and tailored appearance reminiscent of furniture craftsmanship. However, it requires precise measurements and hinges for proper alignment.


Beaded Frames: Beaded frames on cabinets refer to a design feature where a small decorative bead or molding is applied to the inside edge of the cabinet frame, surrounding the inset panel or door. This bead detail adds texture, visual interest, and a touch of traditional elegance to the cabinet doors. It creates a frame-within-a-frame effect, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the cabinetry. Beaded frames are commonly found in traditional or classic cabinet styles, adding depth and dimension to the doors while maintaining a sense of refinement. 

Take a look at the many different cabinet door options available. If you are looking for a custom door design, contact us.